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Cleaning The Sink, Bath, Shower And Fittings
23Jan 2014
Cleaning The Sink, Bath, Shower And Fittings

When it comes to domestic cleaning, it is not uncommon to find that certain rooms require more of your attention than others. You will doubtless find that the kitchen and the bathroom are the main areas for more attentive cleaning in your home, and this is simply because of the things that you do in them. You don’t produce a high amount of mess when you are watching TV in the lounge, but if you are cooking, then things get splattered everywhere, and grease often comes from the fat and oils that are in most foods. Cleaning yourself is a surprisingly dirty process, as the soap, water and cleaning products that you use can often leave residue that is tough to get rid of! If you are wondering of the best ways to ensure that your bathroom stays nice, then it is worth having a look over the following few hints and tips about cleaning the specifics in your bathroom, the ceramic goods as the metal hardware that services them!

When it comes to the bath, shower and sink, the main issues that you will face will be soap scum and the residues that come from the daily use of such items. You will need to ensure that you clean regularly to reduce the likelihood of these things becoming a problem, and this essentially means that the residue build up will be lessened, creating less of a difficulty in getting rid of it! It may sound obvious, but the difficulty associated with cleaning such things will often mean that you end up leaving it for ages, which naturally makes the job a lot worse!

Use a decent cream cleaner on bathroom surfaces. You can buy these from the shop, or make your own if you are feeling creative! A combination of baking powder, lemon and vinegar will give you a very good cleaning product that you can use throughout the bathroom. The baking powder will give it a carbonated, fizzing action that will be nice and tough on even the most difficult spots! When dealing with sinks and baths, try filling the bottom of the vessel with a couple of inches of hot water, and then spray your cleaner on to the areas that the scum is the most dense. Go around the bathroom doing this to all areas that you want to clean, and then go and make a cup of tea. When you come back from the tea making, the chemicals in the cleaning product will have had a decent bit of time to really get stuck in to the dirt, and you should find that slopping the hot water over it and giving the dirt a good scrub with a rough sponge will get rid of it pretty easily. The beauty of cleaning in the bathroom is that you can very easily splash water over anything that needs rinsing!

When it comes to metal, you need to ensure that you are using a safe cleaner. Certain fittings, like brass or other nicer metal plating can be affected quite badly by certain chemicals, so do your research. For more everyday fittings, try taping a bag of the cleaning product round taps and the like, so that the whole thing remains covered for a fair while. You can even leave this in place overnight, and when you come back in the morning, the fittings should be extremely easy to get looking like new! If you’re feeling crazy, simply use vinegar in place of the cleaning product, and you will find it works just as well!

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