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Extra Carpet Cleaning Services That You Should Ask For
12Nov 2014
Extra Carpet Cleaning Services That You Should Ask ForThe carpets in your house will be easier to clean because they do not suffer as much damage and wear as the carpets in your office. Regardless of whether you have an in-office cleaning crew that cleans your carpet regularly, it still accumulates a lot of dust and dirt over the years. Not only do your employees and clients bring in a lot of dirt, especially to high traffic areas, there might be the occasional accidental spills that further ruin your carpets. A clean carpet makes your office look cleaner and creates an impression on prospective clients, thus improving your image in business. This is why you need to invest in professional carpet cleaning agencies who have the necessary equipments and trained cleaners with the know-how to handle all kinds of carpet issues.Before you hire a cleaning service, you must be clear on what kinds of services they offer and which of them you want to avail. While the normal package containing stain removals and heat and pressurized vacuuming is common to all, some cleaning companies might go a bit further and add services that you could really benefit from. Here are some of those extra services that you could add to help protect your carpets better from wear and damage.1.    Anti-Stain ProtectorsAnti-stain protectors or scotchguarding, as it may be commonly known, is the best way to make your carpets accident proof. These chemicals are sprayed on to the carpet, and after they are cured, they provide a repellant coating that does not allow most staining liquids to soak through the carpet, thus giving you more time to react to the stain. The coating does not alter the texture of the carpet fibres and helps to increase the durability of the carpet by minimizing the wear on the fibres. 2.    Ozone treatmentWhile normal carpet cleaning services may involve odour removal, sometimes that might not be enough, especially if the causing agent has been left unattended for too long. Ozone treatment works similarly to steaming and attacks the odour at the molecular level. This treatment is very powerful and thus effective almost all the time and is specially recommended for carpets in hospitals or hotels that are soiled often and gather a musty smell.3.    Carpet paddingPadded carpets are soft to tread on and padding usually improves their longevity.  Although you might need to change the padding frequently, particularly in instances where the carpet is subjected to a lot of moisture or water damage. This is because the pads absorbs any moisture from the carpet and prevent the growth of mildew. If you don’t have this on your carpet, you should get it installed and if you do, you should consider changing it frequently.4.    Moth and mold proofingDepending on what material your carpet is made of, it might be very attractive to moths as food and shelter. Moths can cause irretrievable damage in your upholstery, mostly occurring when you keep your rugs in storage or don’t vacuum them often. Moth proofing will ensure that these insects are not attracted to your upholstery.Similarly, damp carpets may have mold growing on them which can be particularly hard to remove. Even then, they might leave behind an ugly stain and a musty smell. Treating rugs for mildew involve ensuring that the growth is removed from the carpet and that it is de-odorized to remove the smell. They will also treat it with chemicals or pad it to prevent moisture from building up in the fabric.

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