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Speed Up Your Move Out Cleaning!
16Dec 2014
Speed Up Your Move Out Cleaning!When it comes to moving house, cleaning your old home is often at the bottom of your list. With so many boxes to pack and junk to get rid of there is often little time to get on with your house cleaning. But if you’re desperate to get your bond back and need to cram everything into just a few hours, here are some tips that can help you master your move out cleaning!PackIt may sound basic but you’d be surprised by how many people try to clean before they’ve packed everything up. If you’ve still got furniture in your rooms or boxes piled up to the walls then it is difficult to give your carpets a good clean or to get your kitchen gleaming. So if you can, try to move everything out before sorting out your end of lease cleaning!PlanOnce you’ve moved everything out, it is easy to see what areas of your home may cause you problems when it comes to getting your bond back. Maybe it’s the stains on the carpet or the state of your bathroom. Whatever it is, make a priority list and stick to it. In the grander scale of things, wiping the top of the cupboards or dusting under the stairs is nowhere near as important as the bathroom or kitchen cleaning.Get The Right EquipmentIf you haven’t got time to spare, then spending a little bit more on specialist products really can make a difference. So if you’ve been struggling on with a basic house cleaning products for your kitchen grease or bathroom lime scale, now might be the time to get something a little bit better! If you know someone who has a good steam cleaner then you could even borrow that to help you out with those carpet stains or upholstery cleaning!Call In FavoursDo you always help other people when it comes to their house move? Then why don’t you see if they can help you out with your move out clean! The more people who are tackling your house clean the better it’s likely to be! Remember what goes around comes around, so if you’ve helped someone before, they’ll probably be more than happy to lend you a hand if you’re not afraid to ask!Get Some Professional HelpIf you just don’t have the time to get your house really clean, hiring a professional house cleaner might be the only answer. And with so many specialist firms around, hiring an end of tenancy cleaning deal doesn’t even have to cost you a fortune. Remember that professional cleaners will not only work quicker than you, they will also get better results than you ever could. So if you want to make sure you do everything you can to get your bond back, hiring a specialist firm may be the only answer. Remember that if you hire a company to take care of your move out clean, you will have more time to dedicate to your unpacking and settling in!So if you’re moving house and find that time is running out, there are plenty of ways in which you can speed up your home clean. Clearing everything out and planning ahead can make a real difference, while getting some extra help can be a great investment. Either way, don’t leave your end of tenancy cleaning to chance; work it out now before you it’s too late to sort!

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