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Essential Cleaning Products That You Need In Your Home
22Mar 2014
Essential Cleaning Products That You Need In Your HomeWhether you’ve just moved out into your own home for the first time, or whether you feel as though your cleaning cupboard needs an update, this handy guide is just what you need to make sure that you have all of the cleaning products that your home could ever need! There are lots of cleaning products available on the market nowadays, but there are just a few essential products that you need in your home to tackle the majority of cleaning jobs and stain removals in your home. Read on to find out more! 1)    Bleach.Bleach is a tough, powerful and very useful chemical that you can use in many different ways in your home. Soak your shower curtain or white clothes in a bucket of bleach and water to get them looking stain-free and as good as new, or use bleach to sanitise your toilet. Bleach is a great multi-purpose product that’s very cheap and widely available. Be careful when using this product as it can be harmful, so always check the label before use! 2)    Carpet stain remover.A carpet stain remover is a handy little product to keep in your home. When spills or accidents occur with your carpets all you need to do is spritz a little of this on and leave it to soak. You’ll find the stain won’t set as easily and will be much faster and simpler to lift! 3)    Multi-purpose cleaner.Always keep a bottle of multi-purpose cleaner in your cupboards. Try to find one that’s mild and doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals, as this will be useful for lots of different cleaning jobs in your home! A multi-purpose cleaning spray is great for bathrooms, but it’s also an excellent addition to kitchens. Using a non-toxic cleanser is fantastic for your kitchen, as you can keep it clean without affecting the surfaces on which you prepare food! 4)    Polish.A spray-can of polish should be in every home that contains real-wood furniture. If you don’t regularly polish your items of furniture then you might see them get tarnished very easily, which nobody wants to see! Keep on top of your furniture cleaning by having a can of polish at the ready – you won’t regret it! 5)    Anti-bacterial spray.Anti-bacterial sprays are fantastic for a whole range of purposes. Kitchen, bathrooms, tables, worktops, laminate floors, bins, microwaves, cookers and much, much more will all benefit from an anti-bacterial spray. 6)    Air freshener.An air freshener is essential to ensure that your home always smells clean and fresh. If you or one of your family members suffers from asthma, or if you just don’t like artificial smells, then why not opt for an odour neutraliser instead? 7)    Glass cleaner.Your windows, mirrors and glass furniture need proper care and attention to keep it gleaming, and you’ll only see the results you want if you use the correct products! Glass cleaners are usually pretty cheap and are very effective – make sure that you’re cleaning in small circular motions, and remember that scrunched-up paper does a much better job than a soft cloth! 8)    Drain unblockers.No cleaning cupboard is complete without a drain unblocker. From your kitchen sink to the plug in your bath, every drain in your home can become blocked very easily, and having a product like this on-hand will save you both time and stress! Simply pour the liquid into the drain, wait for the described time limit and rinse away to reveal drains that are as good as new!

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