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How to Make Home Cleaning Less of a Chore
08Jul 2015
How to Make Home Cleaning Less of a Chore

There is nothing nicer than returning to a nice clean home after a day at work. But, house cleaning can be a tedious and time consuming job that can be hard to fit into the busy schedule. Cleaning is a tiring job and there are always tasks to see to in the home. Though there are no quick and simple ways to get it the cleaning done, other than hiring cleaning contractors. This can work out costly and still need to be arranged and then there is the trust factor and ensuring they do a worthy job, so for most of us it is easier to apply some effort and do it yourself. Here we give you some helpful tips that can motivate you into getting the house cleaned.

Where to start with a house clean
Cleaning involves dusting, polishing, rinsing, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and vacuuming. Be prepared and make a list of all of the jobs that need to be done. Obviously some jobs will need to be done more often than others. Some tasks will be needed daily, some weekly and then the less frequent. Work out if you can a timetable over a month and this can help define what needs to be done. You can tick of each accomplishment and then that can feel good.
In addition you should ensure you have a good selection of cleaning supplies, ranging from all purpose cleaning detergents for bathroom and kitchen areas, window cleaner, polish, cloths, dustpan and brush etc. Keep them in a bucket or a cupboard to save time searching for the items. It means you can get started on it when you feel like it!

When to start
There of the jobs that need to be done daily such as the washing up, cleaning the kitchen after preparing meals, sweeping the floors or vacuuming depending on what type of flooring you have, mopping etc. Sorting the laundry, making beds and cleaning the bathroom should all be daily. But if you get organised, for instance wash up and clean worktops down and sweep floors after cooking or eating then it saves having to return to it. Leaving the dishes will only make the problem worst. As many busy homes have dishwashers then it isn’t too difficult to remove any food scraps, rinse and place in the machine.

Allocate some time for additional jobs
Though you can get tied up with general duties in the house cleaning, there are many other jobs that will need to be done. Make it easier and maybe do a room at a time. Make it more fun and put your favourite music on and take your cleaning supplies and spend 30 minutes dusting, polishing, wiping and vacuuming until the room shines.  Set aside a separate day to do the window cleaning and additional cleaning tasks. Changing beds and cleaning the upholstery can be done about once a week. If you are at work all day then with nobody living there it isn’t going to get that dirty. It is different for stay at home mums and dads with children as there is always a mess to clear. But, encourage young children to help clear away toys and wipe any mess up. Being organised will help; have a special place for everything. Then it won’t get too much of a chore. Ensure you clean thoroughly using the proper detergents for the job and then you will have a more hygienically friendly place to enjoy.

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